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    i just really need to vent right now.

    this is about the recent drama on twitter involving tom and two out-of-control (understatement) fans. i’m writing this to release all this disgust and shame that’s building up in me, it’s getting worse the more i think about it.

    to say the least, tom is like a heaven-sent angel or something along those lines to me. he’s gorgeous, charming, kind, gracious, polite, caring, all kinds of amazing, etc., etc.. he’s willing to do so much for his fans, even when he knows how crazy some of us can be, it’s amazing.

    bless his perfect soul, he always puts us before himself when it comes to his priorities, i can’t explain how much i wish i could just cry and cry and cry and attempt to explain how much he means to us.

    well, guess that might not be happening any time soon.

    if you don’t know what’s got everyone in this fandom so het up, here’s a brief rundown (courtesy of lo-xox): http://lo-xox.tumblr.com/post/30999564895/dear-tom-hiddleston-fans

    the idea that people so desperate to meet him are willing to sacrifice the trust that this fandom’s managed to build up with tom, through lying about their identity and posing as tom’s ex-colleagues/close friends makes me sick to my stomach.

    he’s a human being too, he’s already had to give up the whole concept of privacy ever since he’s been shot to fame, we don’t want nor need anyone making it any more difficult for him.

    i honestly feel like i’m gonna start bawling my eyes out in frustration and plain rage sooner or later. i feel so ashamed, but i wanna hug tom and cry and apologize and hope he realizes how much we understand if he feels the need to keep his distance for i-don’t-care-how-long, there are plenty of fans who’ll never pull tricks like that, who’ll always respect his boundaries.

    if you truly admire and respect a celebrity, anyone for that matter, you would understand that there are limits. end of story.

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